Why cake really is the best (and musings on Dresden)

Let me start by stating something that hit me this weekend: a cake isn’t a good thing because it smells and tastes great, but because it can be shared.

I haven’t been writing for quite some time. It’s difficult to get back into the blogging game when the only major things happening in my life are intensely private moments (I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in early May). So let me take the fact that I managed to bake a cake this weekend and run with it. But I’ll come to that later.

Firstly, I’d like to address the current xenophobia running rife in Dresden (and elsewhere in Germany, to be fair). I do not want to go into too many details because let’s not give these fascist idiots the time of day. I have been wondering what I can do, apart from the obvious such as donating clothes and sharing positive messages on social media, as well as supporting pro-refugee initiatives and charities.

Then it struck me: too often, Dresden is said to be provincial, its residents unable to see beyond the end of their noses. That’s why I want to make my subjective view, my own personal reasons for living and loving Dresden more accessible to people who’ve come here from far away places.

Now, of course I don’t think that refugees who arrive in Dresden will be checking out my blog before long. I have only vague ideas what their lives might look like: browsing the internet for local mommy blogs might not be a priority while perched in the tents of the „Zeltstadd“ (tent camp).

Rather; I want to make regular readers question what happens if things we consider normal suddenly change.

I am aware that not everybody who stops by to read my blog speaks English, and I apologize if my decision alienates you. But I think being faced with a small change such as a German blogger suddenly writing in English might increase understanding for the upheavals of refugees who are not only faced with a different language, but with different food, different people, even more: lives for themselves entirely different from the ones they imagined before war, hunger and other hardships drove them out of their countries.

My husband and I are currently trying to find the means to offer our children a safe place to grow up in. Our first attempt failed. It’s frustrating, but hey: I baked a cake this Sunday, which means I have an oven and the chance to nourish my family. Ultimately, what more can one wish for in times like these?

May we all have a place to feel at home. And may our city become a home to everybody who wishes to live here. And may there always be cake to share.

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12 Responses to Why cake really is the best (and musings on Dresden)

  1. Mariesche says:

    Who did you share the cake with if not with us???? ;-)
    Quarkkuchen mit Blaubeeren ist eine gute Idee, mach ich nächsten Sonntag mal nach. (Der große Korb, den wir vor 10 Tagen gepflückt haben war schnell leer und wir haben immer noch nicht die Nase voll von Blaubeeren – in Buttermilch, Joghurt, Milch&Zucker, Muffins, Pfannkuchen, Sauce zum Wild, aber auch sehr gerne in Sekt oder Weißwein!)

    • You know what? I wanted to share it with our neighbours but my husband wanted to treat his colleagues. And then forgot to take the cake out of the fridge when he left for work, so really and truly, half the cake IS STILL HERE!

      „Sauce zum Wild“ (blueberry sauce) sounds incredibly delicious, even though I have never eaten game outside the winter months, I believe.

      I would not recommend my blueberry recipe to you. Or at least not without major tweaking. The base was sweating out butter puddles during baking, the recipe called for twice the amount of cream cheese I used, and yet it was incredibly RICH – everyone struggled with their first piece! It tasted good, but I would wish for a lighter version, to make it more „summery“.

      And as for your priorities (cake over politics); I hear ya, sister! :)

      • Mariesche says:

        I bet now there is not a single crumb left, but if I would have read your answer earlier I would have come over to sneak a piece…
        As for game in summer: with hunters in the family, I have good connections to freezers which contain game outside hunting season!

  2. Mariesche says:

    Entschuldige, Blaubeerkuchen war nicht eigentlich der Inhalt Deines Posts und ich wollte nicht vom eigentlichen, wichtigen Thema ablenken – der Blick über den Tellerrand. Wenn allerdings so ein schöner Kuchen auf dem Teller steht, fällt es mir schwer, den Blick von diesem zu heben und über den Rand zu schauen…

  3. Nadia says:

    Schön, dass der Blog wieder ein Blog ist und nicht mehr ruht…

    Ja, die Ereignisse in Dresden sind schockierend. Ich bin hier geboren und lieb(t)e diese Stadt mit all ihren Macken…doch mit dem Herbst im letzten Jahr kam dann selbst mir der Gedanke, ob ich hier noch gern lebe. Ich habe so eine Wut auf leere Worthülsen von Politikern, die sich nicht deutlich positionieren, auf Menschen die keinerlei Verständnis und Mitgefühl aufbringen und auf die große das alles ignorierende Masse…
    Vieles zeichnete sich ja schon seit Jahren ab, es müssen erst 8000 Nazis sein, die durch Dresden laufen, bis sich endlich Menschen (immer noch viel zu wenige) auf die Straße wagen…
    Diese Ich-Bezogenheit in Dresden nervt enorm.
    Ob Blaubeerkuchen wirklich hilft weiß ich nicht, aber zumindest mal kurz.

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch noch zum Nachwuchs und ich freu mich auf die nächsten Beiträge.

    • Hello Nadia, you seem to be a regular reader, but your name hasn’t registered with me in the past. Never mind, thank you for your lovely feedback.

      I am with you on all the emotions you express, and I have to say, I feel immense relief whenever I read that I am not alone in feeling frustrated and sad and angry over the state of things. Let’s fight for our city and for the people we want to share it with!

      Thanks for the well-wishes!

  4. pennarsson says:

    hey there,
    i am completely with you about the things going on here in DD, resulting in your decision to post in English. but maybe it would be a good idea to make a short summary in German at the end of the post?
    keep up your writning here and have good time raising your kids.

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  6. excellensa says:

    What a wonderful idea to change the language of the blog. I am unable to understand why we can´t ensure a decent existence for those who had to leave their family, home and country. Quite unbelievable.

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